The Newsagency: creating successful live music events

Interview with Alison Avron about using for events at the Newsagency.

The Newsagency: creating successful live music events






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  1. fuckler Avatar

    Alison Avron is a singer and songwriter most known for creating Sydney’s tiniest music venue, The Newsagency. She has performed with the likes of Mahalia Barnes, Monsieur Camembert and even the legendary Kamahl. Previous to her debut album she has released 2 EP’s and a live album. She has just finished a successful Adelaide and Perth Fringe season with her show, Jagged Little Singalong – an homage to Alanis Morissette featuring Lady Sings It Better and Tom Dickins.

  2. eporner Avatar

    The $1 million Music Now Contemporary Live Music Funding program invests in activities, events or performances that support NSW musicians to present new work and increase participation in live music events across the state.

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